Uman Resource Associates has a record of accomplishment in helping senior executives and mid-level managers.

We teach additional skills to optimize business performance and organization effectiveness. Clients learn to navigate leadership, relationship, and communications challenges.

With expertise on gender issues and their impact on relationships and performance, Kari Uman’s passion is helping newly promoted women make the transition to their new position with increased confidence, presence, and the political savvy to achieve results. Women often face specific barriers created by unconscious bias in the workplace, and Kari is dedicated to helping female leaders navigate these conditions.

To accomplish this, Kari helps women leaders:

  • Increase their awareness of organizational behaviors that impede their progress
  • Become aware of self-limiting behaviors and attitudes
  • Create a more positive self-image
  • Explore the cultural myths and beliefs that are undermining their effectiveness
  • Develop new behaviors, habits and strategies that enhance their success and make them stronger, better leaders.

Kari has been a leadership coach since the late 1990’s when she was asked by an attorney to work with CEOs who had been accused of sexual harassment and creating a hostile work environment. Kari became known in the legal and coaching community for this work and was asked to join Executive Coaching & Consulting Associates (ECCA) because of this unique coaching specialty.

Kari began to diversify her coaching and by 2002, she realized that she needed tools, methods, and a framework for her work. She attended the Georgetown University Leadership Coaching Certificate Program and in 2006 received her Associate Certified Coaching (ACC) designation.

After years of providing coaching to a wide range or clients, Kari received her Professional Certified Coach (PCC) designation in 2017.

Coaching Results

  • Female senior human resource leader in the Intelligence Community increased her visibility and influence. Organizational leaders began to listen to and respond to her ideas, making her more effective in her position.
  • C-level female executive in a hospitality management company increased positive interactions with her peers and superiors for behaviors identified as career limiting, leading to a promotion within six months following the coaching engagement.
  • Senior female leader’s lack of political savvy was negatively impacting her influence with senior leadership. By increasing her political awareness, as well as her non-verbal and verbal communications skills, the client subsequently achieved Senior Executive Service (SES) status and engaged with peers and superiors more effectively.
  • DC-based director in an executive search firm increased her presence with other senior leaders in her organization, set boundaries, and delegated more effectively—all of which enabled her to become more responsive to her customers.
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