About Kari Uman

For over 30 years, I have been working with leaders in organizations as a consultant, leadership coach, trainer and facilitator. I’m a Professional Certified Coach, a designation by the International Coaching Federation that requires over 500 hours of coaching. I have received certifications in various other methodologies, techniques, assessment tools, and interventions. My full list of certifications can be found here.

leadership coaching

I am able to accelerate the process of change and support my clients in becoming better, more inspiring leaders, which then translates into producing effective organizations. I have provided personalized training to employees and leaders in federal agencies, the intelligence community, corporations, non-profits, NGO’s, advocacy organizations, and universities. I offer the wisdom to help my clients face challenges, leverage their strengths, and overcome issues that have become roadblocks to their success.

I am deeply dedicated to helping women in leadership positions navigate the often-narrow band of “acceptable” behaviors. Women are often held back in their careers when they behave in ways that threatens perceptions of how women “should” act and need to develop strategies to address this issue. Additionally, I believe many women hold onto myths and beliefs that sabotage their best efforts in advancing in organizations. My passion for this work reflects my own life experience as well as observing highly committed, ambitious women fall short of their career dreams.

My many personal interests—including yoga, walks in the woods, spending time with my family and friends, and singing—give me the fortitude to continue to be present with my clients, create a sacred space for them to take risks, and be part of their journey as they become more full human beings. I am a member of the Reston Chorale and have been the spiritual leader (lay-cantor) of a small, unaffiliated Jewish community in Reston for the past 10 years.

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