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Are you looking for ways to boost productivity and performance in your organization?

Are you a female executive who just got promoted and know you need to show up differently?

Are you eager for a promotion—but considered to be “not ready?”

Are you involved in a big “change” initiative at work, and in need of help?

Well, then! Let’s talk!

Change Management

URA provides change management services to help leaders and colleagues adapt to an organization’s goals, processes or technologies. We identify poc...

Leadership for Women

URA helps women transition to new positions, build confidence, presence, and political savvy. They will command more respect and be heard. Kari’s p...

Organizational Training

URA offers training programs to leaders and employees. Our programs teach skills, tools and techniques to your employees and managers to increase t...

Services Offered:

  • Developing your next generation leadership
  • Helping female leaders overcome gender-based barriers in the workplace
  • Developing your workforce and management teams through skills-based training
  • Supporting your management team in driving change
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