Training Facilitation

For over 30 years URA has designed, developed and delivered a broad array of workshops including Leadership Development, Women in Leadership and Men and Women Leading Together, Teambuilding, Career Development, Customer Service, Facilitating Effective Meetings.   We also facilitates workshops with teams to increase employee engagement and trust among team members so they can be as productive and effective as possible in achieving their mission - and have fun in the process. Among other tools, URA use the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI) to accelerate communications and performance within intact work teams as well as helping employees appreciate and value differences.


  • Facilitated Senior Leadership Team meetings, and meetings with the Leadership Team and Senior Analysts, for a newly formed department within Health and Human Services to identify and prioritize issues and concerns, clarify roles, and improve intra-leadership team communications and efficiency in their day-to-day operations and meetings. Also facilitated several All-Hands meetings to identify critical actions to be taken to improve the overall effectiveness of the office, and during the transition to a new executive, provide feedback and suggestions for a new organizational structure.


  • Designed, developed and conducted performance management workshops for an agency within the Treasury Dept. The project included establishing a Strategic Communications Plan for consistent internal communication around performance management, developing measurable performance standards that met Federal requirements, conducting workshops for 300 managers nation-wide on results oriented performance management and developing/cascading SMART performance goals to GS and wage grade employees. Conducted support activities after training and conducting/analyzing a level 3 evaluation.

URA’s Training Offering Include:


  • Career Management


  • Communications (Active Listening and Providing Feedback)


  • Customer Service


  • Employee Onboarding


  • Facilitating Effective Meetings


  • Leadership Development


  • Managing Gender Differences


  • Managing Transitions


  • Men and Women Leading Together Problem- Self-Managed Teams


  • Solving and Decision-Making


  • Women Working Together