"Kari Uman was my executive coach over a period of approximately one year, during which time I was facing many challenges trying to execute my responsibilities under intense pressure to perform complex and open-ended tasks under tight timelines and with a short staff.


I very highly recommend Kari Uman as an Executive Coach. I have been extremely fortunate to work with Kari. She has been instrumental in helping me navigate through a difficult temporary assignment in a significant leadership position and then settle into a permanent promotion.


Kari works with the client to identify strengths and weaknesses, pinpoint key vulnerabilities that hinder the internal process for reaching those goals, and creates a safe space for the client to work through those weaknesses.  She provides significant skill in applying tools, reading materials, and exercises so that the client can work through the process and get to their key goals. Not only is she adept at identifying self limiting behaviors, she provides significant experience and expertise to support the client through the process of confronting and overcoming those behaviors."





"Kari was enormously helpful to me, and probably was the reason I was able to complete these tasks, while retaining most of my sanity.  Stylistically, she was perceptive in seeing underlying causes of problems that were not entirely evident to me.  She was clear in explaining her reasoning.  She was compassionate and empathetic while appropriately firm in delivering feedback that I needed to hear.  She was interactive.  She blended her own ideas and mine in way that often yielded deeper insights than either of us could probably have generated independently.


Substantively, and perhaps this is the most important virtue of her work, she gave me sound, practical advice.  She and I worked out ways to behave in the world, as opposed to, what would have been less helpful, just things to think about.  She prepared me for specific situations anticipated to be difficult.  Her advice was specific: "If this happens, do this."


All in all, I was completely and totally satisfied with the coaching provided by Kari.  I cannot imagine anyone being more helpful than she was."





"I would like to recommend Kari Uman as an executive coach. Kari was my executive coach during a time when my career was stalled and my Director offered an executive to gain insight into my work style, work preferences and plans for the future. Kari did an excellent job in this position by providing valuable feedback and insights. I gained a much deeper understanding about management styles at the corporate level and how to change my work style to match that of the CEO/COO level. One of my favorite attributes about Kari is that in addition to verbal feedback – she provided me with reading material and exercises that supplemented her advice…Kari has excellent communications skills and is extremely organized and methodical in her approach….Kari is an excellent coach and valuable resource. I am sure anyone who engages Kari as a coach will find it well worth the time and cost."





I strongly recommend using an executive coach, even for the most seasoned manager. Through my sessions with Kari Uman I learned to accentuate my managerial strengths and to become more aware of areas that need further development. It is a collaborative process. However, Kari brought her experience and insights, as well as other resources. She also gathered and compiled data from my peers and subordinates. Using this information she put an objective mirror before me. The mirror reflected my managerial techniques, as well as the impact and effectiveness of those techniques. The end result is that I am more energized as a manager and have learned to use my strengths more effectively. Plus I have a better understanding of changing my managerial style to more effectively relate to people and circumstances.


Janice M