Rabbi Gil Steinlauf

Senior Rabbinic Adviser; Innovation Consultant for Conservative Judaism

November 28, 2017, Rabbi Gil was a client of Kari's


"Kari is a coach who pulls from an extraordinary array of insights, experiences, and talents to meet her clients where they are, and then challenges them in creative and even inspiring ways to new ways of thinking and leading. Through her unwavering presence, poise, and fearless truth-telling, Kari helped me to open my eyes to my blind spots, and helped point the way to my finding my deepest truths and passions as a leader. I wholeheartedly recommend her to anyone seeking to become the best professionals, and the best people they can be."


Mollie Melbourne

Chief Operating Officer at Community Health Center Association of Connecticut

March 31, 2017, Mollie was a client of Kari's


"I have had the pleasure of working with Kari for about 4 years - three as an organizational development consultant and as a leadership coach for the past 15 months. Through keen observations and pointed questions, I have more focused vision of myself as a leader and understand where I've been, how that shaped me, and most importantly, where I am going. Kari has gently, but persistently, pushed me to look inside and understand why I respond to circumstances as I do and how that impacts those around me. Through her guidance, I have become a stronger and more compassionate leader focused on results and accountability."



Steve Genn, PMP

Vice President at Markon Solutions

October 26, 2015, Steve was a client of Kari's


"Choosing an executive coach is a very personal decision. I did a lot of research before I found Kari. I can honestly say that I am a better leader and businessperson as a result of her coaching. Kari developed an individualized program for me and worked to make it continually better. She is an excellent listener, provides actionable feedback and zeros in on areas that can be improved. I highly recommend Kari."



Janine Johnson

Senior Consultant at COE

January 4, 2013, Kari worked with Janine in the same organization


"I've worked with Kari for nearly a decade and her calming presence is a bonus on any project. She is extremely knowledgeable and understands how and when to share this knowledge. She can handle whatever is put in her path. I hope to work with Kari for at least another decade."