Organization Development

While organization development and systems theory is imbedded in all of our work, URA specializes in conducting organizational assessments and partnering with organizations to develop creative processes for moving positively and effectively into a successful future.


In our assessments we:


  • Conduct interviews and facilitate focus groups looking for trends and potential problems;


  • Assess the corporate culture to see whether barriers exist and make recommendations to remedy the situation; and


  • Analyze systems to determine how they impact employees’ abilities to do their jobs.


We develop assessment reports that identify themes and patterns on what is working and present findings and recommendations to the senior leadership team. We help them prioritize the recommendations, develop action plans, and provide a roadmap of how to achieve them. The results are clarity around the vision and mission, and goals and objectives that are in alignment with them.


  • Identified gaps in training of intelligence analysts by conducting a needs analysis across the entire Intelligence Community to determine improvements necessary to meet the goals and expectations of the US President, National Security Council, and other stakeholders. The identified themes and patterns formed the basis for an extensive report of both findings and recommendations for systemic and training changes presented to cross-Agency Board of Intelligence Agency officials. Many of these recommendations preceded and supported the recommendations made by the 9/11 Commission.


  • Conducted a training needs assessment for an Intelligence Agency to develop a matrix of training programs and courses for a newly formed office of support staff, enabling employees to follow a career track. The report identified every appropriate internal course organized by occupation and competency level and was used by the career-development staff to chart employees’ individual and occupational career tracks.

What is Organization Development?


Organization Development is a participative, data-based approach to looking at and working with whole systems (organizations, groups, departments) to improve both productivity and quality of work life.

"Your ability to match team talents with responsibilities; maintain communication with your team; and remain flexible and sane was in many cases the compass that kept this project on track.  You made quick and accurate links between the two projects and shared your knowledge with team members to create a framework to help them better understand  the Intelligence Community and the subject at hand.  This coupled with your flexibility, dedication, and enthusiasm continues to make you a valuable asset to any team.  I look forward to an opportunity to work with you in the future."


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