Leadership Coaching

Uman Resource Associates has a record of accomplishment helping senior executives and mid-level managers learn additional skills to optimize business performance and organization effectiveness as well as navigate leadership, relationship, and communications challenges.


Kari has been a leadership coach since the late 1990's when she was asked by an attorney to work with CEOs who had been accused of sexual harassment and/or creating a hostile work environment. Kari became known in the legal and coaching community for this work and was asked to join Executive Coaching & Consulting Associates (ECCA) because of this unique coaching service. Kari began to diversify her coaching and by 2002 Kari realized that she needed a framework, tools, and methods for her work. She attended the Georgetown University Leadership Coaching Certificate Program and in 2006 received her Associate Certified Coaching (ACC) designation. After years of providing coaching to a wide range or clients, Kari received her Professional Certified Coach (PCC) designation in 2017.


Kari continues to increase her coaching skills and is currently taking a 7-month course with Dr. David Drake, whose work on Narrative Coaching changes the relationship between the coach and client.