Coaching for Leadership

URA has a record of accomplishment helping senior executives and mid-level managers learn additional skills to optimize business performance and organization effectiveness as well as navigate leadership, relationship, and communications challenges. Our coaches create a safe environment that encourages leaders to explore and discover their own answers for increasing their leadership and vocal presence, influence or political savvy, and/or position themselves to move to the next level. We specialize in working with women who have been promoted into a leadership position and need to develop the strategic skills needed for effective leadership.


Individual coaching results include:


  • Increased positive interactions of a C-level executive in a hospitality management company with her peers and superiors for behaviors identified as career limiting leading to a promotion within six months following the coaching engagement.


  • Increased confidence, influence and effectiveness of a senior leader in the Intelligence Community whose lack of political savvy was impacting her influence with senior leaders. The client subsequently achieved Senior Executive Service (SES) status and engaged with peers and superiors more effectively.


  • Increased skills, knowledge and competencies of a cadre of managers who participated in a yearlong Senior Executive Enrichment & Development (SEED) Program for the National Cancer Institute, National Institute of Health.


Team coaching results include:


  • Enhanced the competencies and skills of a senior leadership team in the Department of Defense enabling them to achieve their mission, gain an understanding of their strengths, identify areas for improvement, and increase their ability to work together as a high performing team.


  • Improved internal effectiveness, speed of integrating the operations and productivity of a senior management team that stemmed from a merger of three disparate operations at Georgetown University into one team.

What is Coaching?


Coaching is purposeful conversation to help people achieve goals that they can't achieve on their own.


It is a positive, guiding process that helps executives and managers enhance their leadership skills and presence, improve relationships, and manage conflicts more masterfully.

"I would like to recommend Kari Uman as an executive coach. My Director offered an executive coach to gain insight into my work style, work preferences and plans for the future.


Kari did an excellent job in this position by providing valuable feedback and insights. I gained a much deeper understanding about management styles at the corporate level and how to change my work style to match that of the CEO/COO level.


One of my favorite attributes about Kari is that in addition to verbal feedback – she provided me with reading material and exercises that supplemented her advice… I am sure anyone who engages Kari as a coach will find it well worth the time and cost."