I believe that the essential elements of coaching empower people to not only become great leaders, but also have meaningful and fulfilling lives.


Kari's coaching approach:

Coaching is built on a foundation of several elements:  self-reflection, self-observation or noticing and making distinctions. Once these skills are developed, Kari uses an organic approach with her clients, tailoring the process to their issues and concerns and using a variety of techniques to support the development of new skills and levels of awareness.


Here's how Kari worked with one client on increasing her leadership presence for a Senior Executive Service (SES) position in the Intelligence Community:


When Kari first met Betty Ann, she had recently been promoted, but lacked confidence or assurance to lead in her new position. Kari began the coaching engagement by suggesting that Betty Ann start observing herself when she walked into meetings, how often she spoke up, how she used her voice and to observe how others responded to her in these situations. Once Betty Ann began to observe herself and others', Kari then suggested that she begin to self-reflect on what message her behavior conveyed to her staff, peers and manager, and how this impacted her ability to effectively lead and to be seen as a leader.


To reduce her anxiety when entering a room and demonstrate confidence, Kari helped Betty Ann develop skills to reduce her anxiety; asked Betty Ann to identify a role model in her organization and imagine how the role model might show up in these situations; and to try out behaviors that were outside her comfort zone. Each time they met, Betty Ann reported on what new behaviors she tried, what worked, what didn't work, and gradually built up her confidence, translating into a more powerful presence that was aligned with her new position.


After working with Betty Ann for 18 months, Betty Ann became a more effective leader in the Intelligence Community and expressed gratitude for Kari's support saying, "Kari changed my life."



Coaching Approach

Coaching is most well-known as a collection of techniques or a professional service, based on key assumptions and a philosophy of human change, accomplishment, and well-being…A coaching view affirms that by inspiring discovery, reflection, and persistence in another person, that person becomes capable of significantly greater achievement, deeper and broader thinking, and more consistent expression of their values over time."  - Douglas Riddle, Center for Creative Leadership