Change Management

Implementing change management increases the probability of achieving successful project objectives, ROI and speed of adoption. Using a variety of models and methodologies, we help your organization:


  • assess readiness for change;


  • support executive leadership and sponsorship to provide guidance for the change;


  • and apply the tools and methodologies to reduce employee resistance to change.


We always integrate change management strategies and plans to manage resistance and ensure a successful implementation. Examples include:


  • Developed and implemented a strategic change management project for an accounting software application that resulted in a seamless implementation of the software.  Developed the strategic plan and the communications plan to inform staff of upcoming changes. Captured the senior leadership team’s overall vision and facilitated meetings to introduce the new system and discuss its impact on the organization. Developed all communications materials for internal distribution. Oversaw the training for employees to use the system, and developed resources and frequently asked questions (FAQ’s) guide.

What is Change Management?


Change management is the process, tools and techniques to manage the people side of change to achieve the required results when implementing business process, technology or organizational change. 70% of projects do not succeed because of a failure to implement change management. (Prosci Change Management materials)

Managing Transitions


URA is certified by William Bridges to use the Managing Transitions materials to manage the “transitions”  which is the psychological reorientation to accepting a change.