URA’s coaching focus is on helping leaders control their behavior rather than having their behavior control them. We achieve these results by creating a safe environment that encourage leaders to explore and discover their own answers for increasing their effectiveness. Critical skills include developing the capacity for self-observation, editing verbal and non-verbal behaviors to prevent self-sabotage and then developing new, more effective behaviors to increase leadership presence, improve relationships, increase their influence or position themselves to move to the next level.


Organizational Assessments and Effectiveness


URA specializes in conducting organizational assessments and partnering with organizations to develop creative processes for moving positively and effectively into a successful future. We are adept at identifying whether an organization helps or impedes the success of its employees. As a result of our assessments, we help organizations formulate clear goals and objectives and a roadmap of how to achieve them. In our assessments we:


  • Conduct interviews and facilitate focus groups looking for trends and potential problems.
  • Assess the corporate culture to see whether barriers exist and make recommendations to remedy the situation.
  • Analyze systems to determine how they impact employees’ abilities to do their jobs.  We evaluate ways to make systems more user-friendly.


Once the themes and patterns emerge, based upon our research, interviews and studies, we present findings and recommendations to management for their use. We help them assess the findings, prioritize the recommendations, develop action plans and assist in implementing them. And we always integrate change management strategies and plans to manage resistance and ensure a successful implementation.




For over 30 years URA has designed, developed and delivered a broad array of workshops including Leadership Development, Women in Leadership and Men and Women Leading Together, Teambuilding, Career Development, Customer Service, and Facilitating Effective Meetings. We also facilitate workshops with teams to increase employee engagement and trust among team members so they can be as productive and effective as possible in achieving their mission - and have fun in the process. Among other tools, URA use the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI) to accelerate communications and performance within intact work teams as well as help employees appreciate and value differences.