Uman Resource Associates (URA) provides unique solutions to improve leadership, group and individual performance in governmental, non-profit and private sector organizations.

We provide Leadership Coaching, Organization Development, Change Management, and Facilitation and Training services to address behavioral, cultural and performance challenges of both leaders and organizations. The outcome of our services is a more productive, more cohesive workplace made up of confident and competent leaders and organizational teams.   For a sample of results of our coaching and consulting services, visit our Capabilities page.


Kari has also started a new practice in vocal presence. To learn about vocal presence and how it can benefit you, visit the Vocal Presence website.


Kari Uman, President of URA, is an Associate of Executive Coaching & Consulting Associates (ECCA), a consortium of diverse, highly committed and experienced executive coaches and management consultants, who operate as a professional coaching practice.




Women Leaders


We specialize in working with women in leadership positions to help them increase their leadership presence commensurate with their position. With a strong background of expertise on gender issues and their impact on relationships and performance, URA has provided coaching support to women in leadership positions to:


  • become aware of self-limiting behaviors and attitudes;
  • create a more positive self-image;
    explore the myths and beliefs that are undermining their effectiveness; and
  • develop both behaviors and strategies that enhance their success commensurate with their position and status.


URA offers strategies and techniques to help create new habits that help women become stronger, better managers.