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•  Change Management

•  and Organizational Training Services

With our help you will successfully address behavioral, cultural and performance challenges to bring about a more productive and cohesive workplace.

Kari Uman

President, Uman Resource Associates

Women Leaders


With expertise on gender issues and their impact on relationships and performance, Kari’s passion is helping newly promoted women make the transition to their new position with increased confidence, presence, and the political savvy to achieve results.


To accomplish this, Kari helps women leaders:

  • become aware of self-limiting behaviors and attitudes;
  • explore the myths and beliefs that are undermining their effectiveness;
  • create a more positive self image; and
  • develop new behaviors, habits and strategies that enhance their success and make them stronger, better leaders.

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Leadership Coaching


URA provides leadership coaching for mid-level and executive level leaders to enhance their performance, increase their ability to inspire, motivate and lead their workforce and develop the next generation of leaders. [More]

Organizational Training


URA offers training programs to leaders and employees that provide skills, tools and techniques to increase their skills and competencies, so they can perform their roles effectively and efficiently. [More]

Change Management


URA provides change management services that help people adapt to the transition or transformation of an organization's goals, processes or technologies. [More]

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